At Samantha's Photography we meet all different types of photography needs. We mainly photograph weddings, engagement shoots, family shoots, boudoir shoots and swimsuit shoots.

The reason why I do photography is because of the rush it gives me, as well as love seeing people happy with the images I’ve taken for them. What continues to make me move to better my career is because of my family. I love knowing that I can show my daughter that with hard work and dedication that  her dreams will come true. I also enjoy the travel that my photography has led me too. I have been blessed to travel all over New England, as well as Wales, UK and London, UK.

The services that I provide are, meetings prior to weddings, meetings prior to boudoir sessions and each session are roughly an hour long (not including weddings). What I provide to my clients is great quality work, an easy person to work with and the value of my word. What my clients say about me, is that I make their wedding day less stressful and that I am very creative, I give great quality and I’m easy to talk to, as well as easy to work with. Some of my clients I have made friends with over the years.

Some of my strengths in my photography are, great quality, very creative, always have an open ear for what the client is looking for and capturing moments that people miss or even don’t think that, that one shot was the perfect moment to capture.

What keeps me going is my passion for what I do and my family. My husband and daughter are the world to me and everyday they show me how having my own business, that dreams do come true. What makes me different than other photographers in my industry is that even though this is my only job (besides being a full time mom) that I don’t do it for the money. Granted I do charge for my time and my worth, as I should, however I work with all types of budgets and I am very flexible. I run different types of specials especially for my repeat clients. I also am different than my competitors because of my quality and the value of once something is agreed on, then it's agreed on. I also, when meeting with my wedding clients, give them multiple options and the ability to feel free to contact me about anything (even if its not a photography question) .