What to ask your wedding photographer?

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Finding the right questions to ask a potential wedding photographer can be difficult. I have listed a few of my most frequently asked questions and given correlating tips to proper responses from fitting photographers.


1. Q: What is your availability for my wedding date and/or engagement session? 

Tip: That answer should be very basic; it's whether or not they have your date open. As for the engagement shoot, that could be discussed at the first meeting.


2. Q: Is it just you, or do you have an assistant or second photographer available?

Tip: For example, with my company, it usually is only me unless it is planned for my assistant to photograph your event. If they say that, you can always ask to see their assistant’s work (and only theirs), if they hesitate about showing you, then I would probably seek someone else because they should be willing to show you the examples of photography style you would be getting if you book with them.


3. How accurate is your portfolio compared to the photographs we will receive from our wedding photography?

Tip: This answer should always be very clear! If they tell you pretty accurate and they advertise exactly what they are used to shooting then you shouldn't have any problems. If they say that they are more flexible to the bride and groom, you may want to see more original ideas of the bride and groom. They might shoot off center or pose people (or lack there of) it all depends what you are looking for in the shooting style of your ideal photographer.


4. Do you follow what the bride and groom want for shots?

Tip: This answer is either yes or no for this. They should have a detail meeting with the bride and groom. Most photographers will stick to their portfolio shots, unless the bride and groom have specific shots they want to capture. Sometimes the photographer can’t accommodate for these shots because of weather conditions, the nature of the venue, or rules and regulations upheld by the venue’s coordinator. This should all be communicated clearly well before the wedding date.


5. What if we are unhappy with our final wedding images?

Tip: This is a photographer’s worst nightmare, however, it does happen. There could be multiple reasons why this happens. Either the bride doesn't like how she looks in the photos, you feel there are not enough photos, the quality and style of your photos pales in comparison to the ones found in the photographer’s portfolio.

This is a good reason to schedule an engagement session with your photographer. That way you get a sense of their personality and a sample of their photography upon receiving your engagement photos. If your package does not include it and you can't afford to add in another cost (because weddings are very expensive) then you'll just have to take the photographers word that they will show the same skills and style as seen in their portfolio.

If you don't have an engagement session and you get your wedding photos back and they are not up to your standards, contact the photographer and see what options you have. Some photographers will give you all the images (depends on what your agreement is), they may refund your entire or a portion of the money back to you, or they might offer a post-wedding shoot with you and your husband. 


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